RT Conseil

Our advices, your solutions

Today, the company must be more and more competitive to ensure its durability, and must constantly adapt to its constantly changing market.

RT Conseil ensures for you a permanent watch of the constraints and the opportunities of the world of the logistics. How to ensure traceability, how to adapt to the standards, to the different technological evolutions that can be determining for the future of your company.

RT Conseil designs and realizes for you the action plans developed for the success of your projects.

Our goal : that you reach yours

  • General audit of transport and logistic process
  • Competitive and technological watch
  • Management of your tenders
  • Monthly management of your performance indicators for transport and logistics posts
  • Follow-up and update of the legal framework


Optimization of your logistic scheme, to reduce your exploitation costs.

Study and realization of your projects in export development, to set up transport and logistic solutions in targeted countries.

Intervention :

  • Search for operating real estate tools (warehouses, transit sites)
  • Support in setting up communication and / or traceability tools for optimized warehouse management (RFID, standards)
  • Research and negotiation with providers
  • Drafting and monitoring of service contracts
  • Management of performance indicators, analyzes and management
  • Identification of malfunctions and search for corrective solutions
  • Crisis management in case of disaster, strike or default

Expertise :

Consulting, audit logistics services (organization and management of physical and administrative flows)

Operational implementation of logistics services

Corporate Social Responsability (transitional, safety protocol, packaging management, waste treatment).

Negotiation providers (Organization in own park, outsourcing of your logistics activity)

Design of the specifications (logistics services, transport, IT)

RT Conseil intervenes in the following areas:

  • Storage
  • Transport in temperatures (Ambient, Fresh and Frozen)
  • Real estate structures search
  • Material handling
  • Software (traceability in warehouses and vehicles)
  • regulation
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